This is short animated film that won an Oscar this year.  A few groups watched this in class. We thought that, instead of emphasising the importance of language, this video highlights the power of silent communication, and that sometimes, actions speak louder than words. Have a look and tell us what you think…


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  1. pamela says:

    I love is very fanny and beautiful

  2. Adam Desena says:

    the movie is very good and i like when the paper comes back and they are together

  3. cristian says:

    I like this film a lot because the main character tries to do a film that doesnt have sound.
    And they got it. Is black and white but doesnt import because is a very good film.

  4. Marina says:

    The movie is boring because there is little sound and is black and white but the boy is very funny and the girl also.

  5. Esti says:

    the movie is very interesting because the boy tries to find a girl with paper planes and is very funny anda i like this movies.

  6. diego 1ºf says:

    It is a beutiful and great film because the boy and the girl is loving and the boy gives she a lot of peaper planes but is a little bad because is on black and withe

  7. Irache((: y Bilel says:

    The history is fun when the strip papers,and when you have the paper in the face.The film is very original and great.

  8. Hugo 1ºF says:

    Is a very very beautiful history

  9. the movie is very funny,beutiful

  10. Daniela and Maria says:

    We liked because the boy does all he can to find the girl, but it is little bit strange because papers aren’t alive!!!! susana is very funny(:

  11. paula y pablo says:

    The film is very beautiful and overemotional, because is a love of a man and a woman and he figh for the girl. In the end apears a romantic scen it´s GREAT!

  12. danieliñaki says:

    We think that is a very funny and original muvie about paper people.This movie is incredible.We like it

  13. cristina y michael says:

    Is very funny and great

  14. abdelali says:

    I liked this video because to act fast and take them paper airplanes and are

  15. Alisson y Laura says:

    We have found a very funny movie and romance, because the guy does everything he can to be with her and at the end, by fate, he succeeds. Very pretty.

  16. Estefanía & Dayana :)) says:

    the movie is very very beautiful and funny¡¡

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