Mo Farah keeps on winning

Watch tnis video after winning th 100000 metres gold medal in Rio 2016.


Present perfect practice

present perfect

Try these exercises, and do these exercises and become an expert in present perfect.




Shakespeare quotes. “To be or not to be: that’s the question”


LEARN ABOUT LIFE READING  Shakespeare’s most famous 50 quotes 



Practice Passives


Here you can challenge yourself. Become an expert in the passive voice.

Active holidays in the Pyrenees

waterYou are planning to go on holiday to the pyrenees. Visit this website and decide what you would like to do: Summer or winter holidays.




You can have guided walking holidays, trekking, cycling, canyoning, multi-activity, adventure holidays, skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing, ski touring.

Choose and plan  the dates, the activities, accommodation  and the budget.

When you have your holiday publish it in your wiki. Write why  you have chosen that holiday.

Good luck and have a nice holiday!!!!!adventure


Food and table manners

Learn here table manners


And  check your vocabulary about food:





Christmas Songs

Merry Chistmas everyone by Shakin Stevens is one of the most popular Chistmas songs in the UK.

This is the classic Gingle bell

Or you want to be romantic this Christmas:


Extreme adjectives


Now you read and can practise or do this

More exercises 

Prepositions made easy


Would you like to be an expert in prepositions? Read and do these EXERCISES

Problems with In, on or at the corner?  Read it and sing the song.



Modal exercises

Revise your modals doing these exercises.