New year’s resolutions

Watch the video and answer the questions:

1. What is the first thing you need to think about when making a resolution?

2. How should you go about choosing a resolution?

3.- How should you go about reviewing your progress?




Why should we learn a new language?

New jobs

Job market is changing, discover new jobs reading this article and watching this video:



Never ever give up: Turn adversity into opportunity

Watch this inspirational and powerful video


Examen C1, especificaciones para los candidatos

Read carefully how the exam is going to be like: Especificaciones C1 Candidatos

Technology vocabulary and exercises (C1)

Here you will find notes, phrases and examples related to technology:

  • to show you which other words these words are used with
  • to give you ideas for speaking and writing essays
  • to help you use the words correctlyAfter reading it, do the exercises: GAP FILLING ESSAY, TECHNOLOGY SENTENCES

Mobile phone dependence

Watch this interesting video about mobile phones and answer these questions:

According to the video: 1) What have we become? Why?

2) How have mobile phones changed the way we communicate?

3) What is “nomophobia”?

4) What is the challenge and its benefits?


Improve your pronunciation

Would you like to improve your pronunciation? Do you “schwa”?

Practise HERE

If you want to practise playing games click here



What can you do if you practise?

How far can you go?  If you go for it, nothing can stop you!

Watch this video about Dan MacLaughlin and his plan. If you are more interested, you can read and watch more videos here.

Consumerism Trap: Are we consuming too much?